Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Welcome to HCC's Summer Daze Camp 2015!

Hello and welcome to HCC's Summer Daze Camp Blog! Here, you are able to get a glimpse of what has been happening over the last few weeks in our fun filled camp! Let's take a look shall we at what our campers have been experiencing and exploring:

This week, campers started off the summer soaking up the sun and water! Campers began their camp journey with team bonding activities and water-filled fun!
Highlight of the week: Rowing with the Bayside Rowing Club!

Our Summer Camp thanks Kids Up Front for providing great trip opportunities for our campers!

All smiles after a fun week of camp!

This week, our campers explored the world of PanAm and ParaPaAm. They learned about different sports and about the PanAm competition itself.
Highlight of the Week- A special visit from Par-Olympian, Anthony Gale, athlete on the Canadian National Sledge Hockey Team and a visit from Body by Chosen
Presentation with Par-Olympian Anthony Gale!

Yoga Time with Draya & Daryl

Hand made Pan Am torches!
This week, campers explored the of Toronto and learned about wild animals, their habitats and species!
Highlight of the Week: HCC visits the PanAm games and watch the medal games for Track & Field

Group 1 visits Riverdale Farm Animals

HCC gets to meet some of the Athletes after their races!

This week HCC campers had to save the world from the evil villains who tried to cause trouble in the city!
Highlight of the Week: HCC go on a pirate journey with Pirate Life at Centre Island, visit from Hedgie the Hedge Hog, and a Zumba class with our friend JP!

Group 4 gets a visit from Hedgie the Hedge hog

Campers are showing their best "Nae Nae" impression on the dance floor
This week HCC became Nature Warriors, learning about the environment, ecosystems and how to preserve the environment!
Highlight of the Week: the Grange Festival and the birth of our chicks from our hatching project!

Campers show their dance moves during a dance competition

Celebrating the birth of our chick's from our hatching project!

This week our campers explored the world of entertainment and had their 15 minutes of fame and spotlight!
Highlight of the Week: Trip to Reptillia and to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)

Just catching some rays in his cage

Campers getting silly at the AGO

This week HCC took an intergalactic trip into outer space. They learned about planets, stars and all that is in between!
Highlight of the Week: Trip to Kortright Centre

Looking in the water for some pond species (or extraterrestrial species...?)

All smiles during our pond excursion!

Campers get sorted into groups of herbivores, omnivores & carnivores for their survival instincts challenge

Thank you to all our campers and families for attending our camp this year! We hope you enjoyed the summer as much as we enjoyed spending it with you! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Daze Camp 2014

Week 4: Around the World in 5 Days!
This week we traveled all 7 continents and learned about different cultures through trivia games, cooking, music and challenges!
Highlight of the Week: World Music with Cliff and his Friends, and visiting Planet Play

On our way to Planet Play, but first... Let us take a group silly selfie!

Camp Staff and Campers dressing up and being silly

The day was so much fun, they got tired out!
Week 5: Pan Am Week
This week we explored the world of sports. We learned and played different sports and even had a special soccer intensive camp!
Highlight of the Week: Soccer intensive camp and going to the movies to see How to Train A Dragon 2 and Planes: Fire and Rescue

Shake, Shake, Shake!: Campers had to shake and shimey in order to get the ping pong balls out of their box in the least amount of time

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Daze Camp 2014: A Glimpse into the first few weeks!

Welcome all to Summer Daze Camp 2014! 

We have had such a fun filled summer thus far! Our weeks have been full of laughter, team building and making memories. Let us explore what we have done so far in the last couple of weeks!

Week 1: Survivor Week
This week our campers have competed to outwit, outplay and out cheer each other in a series of survivor themed activities that helped everyone to get to know each other and strengthen team building!

Survivor Challenge: Trying to knock over each other's shelter!

Week 2: It's A Jungle Out There!
Lions, and tigers, and bears! OH MY! This week campers went deep into the HCC Jungle where they learned about different animal species, their life styles and habitats.
Weekly Highlight: Waterfront BIA came by and performed classic music hits, all acapella, for our weekly pump up (they even sang In The Jungle)!

BIA with their awe-dropping acapella performance

Week 3: Mighty Earth Warriors
This week our campers learned about the environment! Through fun activities, they learned about nature and the habitat we live in, the importance of preservation and how to do so.
Weekly Highlight: Trip to the Humber Arboretum, Centre Island and a nature tour of High Park

Nature walk through High Park